Friday, October 30, 2009

Essay- "My Dream , My World"

I often dream of driving with my mother down a long, straight road, a road that stretches as far as the eye can see. Birds are joyously flittering around the car, singing. Flowers in splendorous full bloom decorate the landscape. The breeze is flirting with my mother's short gray hair, and with my long, black waterfall. It is a lovely dream, from which I never wish to wake. Many people in this world dream of having a car. I now realize that I have a car not only in my dream, but in reality. My car is the best car in the world. It is not a Lincoln, Audi or Mercedes Benz. I call my car "Mother".

It is clear that my car is a special one, but it includes several features with which you may not be familiar. To begin with, my car has the best engine in the world. This engine is my mother's heart. This engine never fails, because mothers never fail their children. My mother's heart supports me when I am in need and keeps me perpetually moving forward. To guide the engine, my car has an excellent steering wheel in the form of my mother's mouth. When I am in trouble, it always tells me the way out. When I am lost, this steering wheel turns me in the right direction. When I am wrong, it gently sets me right.

Of course, on a car, good tires are essential. Cars without tires cannot roll like a ball or ride rails like a train. Fortunately, my car has tires which can never be deflated. These tires are my mother's back. Though it is not exceptionally strong, it can move mountains. Though it is starting to curve with age, it straightens all the roads and streets of my life. As my mother's youth rolls away on aging tires, my youth blossoms on my mother's back.

The cab of my car is also unique. The cab is my mother's bosom. When I am tired, the cab of my car protects me in a warm and comfortable embrace. When I am lonely, it accompanies me wherever I go. When I feel desperate, it gives me hope and courage. My mother's cab is the safest harbor from a storm and the warmest place during a severe winter.

This is my car, priceless and unparelleled. Sometimes I envy those drivers who have their own car. But this feeling is temporary. On the other hand, others are eternally envious of me because I have the best car in the world. "Mother" is a word that means the world to me. I love my car, my mother.

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